Decorating With Children’s Artwork

08/08/2013 09:30

Children have limitless creativity, and your kitchen fridge probably knows this all too well since it is probably plastered with their drawings and miscellaneous craft projects. Sooner or later, you are going to run out of space. Fortunately, there are some ways that you can condense the artwork before it eats up your walls.

Firstly, choose a few pieces of their artwork that and place them on a side of fridge or another magnetic surface in your house where they won’t get torn or splattered. With the rest, you can scan them into your computer to make back ups and then create a scrapbook portfolio for all the two-dimensional artwork.

Happy child with painted hands

If you have a good quality camera, get some close ups of the artwork clustered together and shoot it in natural lighting. You can frame the prints and place them into a playroom. If you chose to scan them, HelloCanvas allows you to upload digital files to turn into hanging wall pieces. KidzCanDesign is a company that will actually render your children’s artwork into sterling silver necklaces. Talk about being creative!

As you use their art to decorate your home, think as your little ones would when and tap into your own endless source of creativity!