Fascinating Statistics About 21st Century Parenting

16/01/2013 08:39

ParentingIt’s easy to view parenting as something that has remained relatively static in a world of advanced technological and occupational developments, but that’s really not true. Parenting itself is full of trends and new developments as parents and professionals learn new ways to raise and relate to children. Furthermore, the objectives of parenting seem to change with each passing generation. In 2013, several new statistics provide fascinating insight into the minds of this generation’s mothers and fathers.

1. Independent Thinking is a Priority
In previous generations, there was a sort of obsessive focus on “everybody wins.” Even the people who came in 10th place during an athletic competition got a ribbon or a medal, largely to boost self-esteem and make every child feel more secure. That notion seems to be going away, ever so slowly, replaced by this generation’s priority: Be yourself.

This generation’s parents are, by a wide margin, more likely to encourage being true to one’s self rather than being a winner. They advocate that being secure in one’s skin is itself the reward, and that’s a great change of pace.

2. More Single Parent Families than Ever
The number of single parent families is on the rise in most Western countries around the world, but a startling new statistic breaks the mold on this one: The number of single parent families led by a single father is on the rise, while the number of homes led by a single mother has remained relatively flat or has slightly declined in most Western countries.

Digital Developments and Innovative Parenting
More parents are single, career-minded, and raising children on their own. More parents are bringing digital tools, from books to smartphone apps, into the parenting equation. And, overall, parents are more likely to encourage individualism than an “everyone wins” mentality. It will be fascinating to see how these changes take shape as today’s children grow into tomorrow’s young adults.