Parental Controls Continue to Gain in Importance

02/04/2013 08:41

parentalMost parents think of parental controls as something that can prevent their child from discovering nefarious websites and inappropriate material that dots all corners of the Internet. They’re good for that, of course, and that was their original purpose. In today’s smartphone-based world, though, parental controls have also become a great way to protect the bank account and guard against unwanted purchases.


In-App Purchases: Deadly for Personal Finances
The development of in-app purchases by Apple was a great way to innovate and offer “free” apps that could later increase the revenue stream available to developers. The problem, though, is that it’s all too easy for kids to push a few buttons, upgrade the apps on their parents’ smartphones or tablets, and cost them hundreds of dollars in the process. In fact, that’s exactly what happened to one parent in the UK.

To combat this kind of financial loss, the company now places in-app purchases under the umbrella of its parent control system. With a few swipes and clicks, kids can be prevented from making purchases to upgrade apps, add new characters, or even buy a monthly subscription.

Getting Started is Easy
With a few quick swipes of the screen, it’s easy for parents to control their phone’s access to the iTunes store and prevent major losses in the future. This should be considered a top priority when establishing control over content and spending on the phone.