The Best Apps for Parents and Their Kids

28/05/2013 08:41

app_childIt’s not uncommon to see primary school children enjoying their smartphone during breaks and recesses in 2013. It’s also pretty common to see parents doing just the same thing as they wait to pick their kids up from school or as they watch an exciting game of youth football. That kind of common bond means that there are plenty of great smartphone apps for parents and their kids to share, and the recommendations below are easily the .

1. Tozzle
This unique application is full of puzzles that can help toddlers master their motor and image recognition skills, giving parents a great way to turn smartphones into a teaching tool early on in life. While it’s true that toddlers won’t be operating their own smartphones anytime soon, the app represents a great way to turn any amount of downtime into a teachable moment.

2. Green Eggs and Ham
The famous “Green Eggs and Ham” book by Dr. Seuss is now considered its own, standalone smartphone application. The great thing about the application is that it includes all of the traditional illustrations from the paperback classic, but pairs them with interactive learning opportunities and an instructional approach to reading that will resonate with young learners.

3. The Magic School Bus
The epic tale of a school bus that can head underwater, or into the sky, is now an award-winning iPhone application that includes new adventures, character discussions, and interactive learning opportunities that stretch well into the late years of primary school. This classic app is a must-have.

Parents Have Great Options Available
From classic book titles that have been re-imagined for the smartphone, to unique puzzle apps and adventure games, smartphones are a valuable learning tool that should be leveraged by parents throughout the day.