The Sandberg Debate: Can You Have it All?

10/04/2013 08:38

The Sandberg DebateOne of the biggest controversies to occur early in 2013 was the recent release of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg’s book about women taking more leadership roles in major corporations. The book, which Sandberg has called a tribute to feminist ideology and the idea that women are fully equal to men, actually implores women to stop trying to “have it all.” Sandberg argues that the have-it-all mentality is simply not the right way to approach work or parenting. She may be onto something, despite the controversy that erupted from the book’s release.

Focus is Key: Focus on Parenting or Focus on Work
One of the things that Sandberg implores women to do is to decide whether they want to succeed in the workplace or whether they want to take a break from work to raise their children. Her implication is not that one cannot work and raise children at the same time, but that women frequently strive to do just a bit too many things and never give themselves an honest chance at success in either area.

Sandberg urges women to assess honestly whether raising children coincides with their professional goals, and she urges women to take chances in the office that could pay off in a big way in terms of their long-term career. It’s a new conversation for parenting that consoles us all: There is no need to have it all, because having what you’ve worked very hard for is an excellent outcome.