Think Outside the Casserole

21/02/2013 08:40

Outside the CasseroleSince somewhere in the middle of the last century, the casserole has served as the easiest way to feed a growing family without dedicating much time to the actual cooking process. Casseroles can be thrown together in a few minutes, baked for a few more, and enjoyed as leftovers for a few days afterward. They’re hearty, filling, and enjoyable. Everyone loves casseroles. But they’re not exactly healthy and the idea of a single-dish meal can get tired after a while. What’s a loving parent to do?

Move Beyond the Casserole with Ease
It’s not hard to prepare a quick, fresh meal that moves beyond the traditional limitations of a casserole. Indeed, there are a few great recipe ideas for parents that can be thrown together in a matter of moments with better health qualities and better flavors.

1. Fresh Salmon
Fresh salmon is often sold frozen by leading grocers, and it can be baked in just about 40 minutes at 350 degrees. Top it with garlic and basil, or other fresh herbs, and enjoy flaky fish in no time. Paired with steamed broccoli, which takes about 15 minutes, it’s a meal for the ages. If a starch is required, consider quick-cook rice. In less than an hour, the meal is ready.

2. Fresh Salads and Sandwiches
Fresh salads, with ingredients like arugula, tomatoes, onions, and baked chicken, can really delight the senses of young eaters and parents alike. Those things are also great on a pita, or on whole grain bread, making a picnic-style meal that will be as fun as it is memorable.

There are lots of great options for parents, but the key thing is to remember that ingredients can be made fresh, heated quickly, and served in style, all without sacrificing health or variety. Think outside the box, or the baking dish, and transform the way dinner is done.