Tips for a Successful Coaching Experience

03/06/2013 08:41

mcds-coach2Coaching young kids in any sport can be a challenge, especially for those who might not be patient during these crucial learning experiences. The good thing about coaching, though, is that great leadership can serve as both an educational resource and a strong example for children who need to learn how to take leadership in their own lives. With a few simple tips, aspiring youth sport coaches can be met with success and player admiration with each outing on the field.

1. Focus on the Basics of the Sport
Youth sports are not a place for professional-minded coaches to get their start. Instead, this is a prime opportunity for people who are willing to serve more as instructors than championship leaders. Kids need to know the basics about the sport they’re learning to play, whether it’s to pass the ball backwards or to simply keep all hands off the ball unless it’s near the goal.

2. Encouragement and Correction are Key
Don’t just tell kids how to play the sport. Be sure to show them exactly how it’s done, and use things like drills to really hammer home the skills needed to win the game and beat the other team. With active participation and a strong example, they’ll be quick to pick up on the things they need to do for a successful outcome.

3. Reward Achievements
Don’t reward every player, but do . Create an award for best effort, best kick, best pass, and more. With great awards and a system of recognition, every player will feel appreciated and part of the team.

With excellent coaching and leadership, players and their leaders will feel a great bond and they’ll enjoy winning game after game. And even when they lose, they’ll feel that it wasn’t so bad!